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G.M.C programs are designed to promote youth and community development. Youth development happens when the youth are engaged; and community development happens when we work together and take action to solve common issues affecting the communities we live, work, and play in everyday. The work starts here with becoming a change agent with our organization and encouraging our youth to join programs such as S.W.A.G ACADEMY.


S.W.A.G. Academy

S.W.A.G Academy (Scholars with a Goal) is a youth development and mentor program designed for young scholars, male and female, ages 7 – 17 years old. The purpose of this program is to uplift and empower our youth by teaching the core values of leadership, education, critical thinking, and social responsibility.

Gentlemen Making Changes

G.M.C Formal membership grants its members specific rights to participate in our organization internal affairs. These rights are established in the articles of incorporation and defined in more detail in our bylaws.